Canister Vacuum Bags - Are Branded Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags Better Than Generic Bags?

Are Branded Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bags Better Than Generic Bags?

Although generic drugs have been strictly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration to ensure that high standards are maintained, in the vacuum cleaner industry numerous generic dust bags, filters, belts and brushes are readily available but without any official standards to which they must keep.

Generic bags can be of very good quality, some of them fall short when it comes to durability and performance. There are significant variations in the quality and construction of filter media/paper employed when making disposable dust bags and filters.

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Some filter media does not permit the air to flow easily through it so, as a result, cleaning performance is reduced, especially as the bag begins to fill up.

Others dust bags are just not strong enough to resist breaking and so creating a considerable mess inside the vacuum cleaner's bag chamber.

When you're thinking about buying generic dust bags rather than those sold by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer, you often can't be sure if it will give the best performance.

Generally we recommend dust bags distributed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the vacuum cleaner - that way you can be confident you are getting a good quality bag.

These OEM dust bags are usually marked with the manufacturer's logo and often include text like "Genuine Hoover" or "Genuine Miele". On the other hand, text on the bag like "Genuine Filter Paper" or "To Fit Hoover" will usually indicate that those bags are not approved or distributed by the vacuum cleaner manufacturer.

Some dealers offer generic bags free of charge or sometimes as an option with a new vacuum cleaner purchase. While these deals might appear good, don't forget that using generic bags will often void the manufacturer's warranty.

Remember also that aqlthough a high quality dust bag is very important, it is not the only critical performance factor.

Other important performance factors of the vacuum cleaner system are the effects of brushing action, the smooth air flow through the system, filtration efficiency and the suction motor's power.

When selecting a vacuum cleaner, you also need to know about identifying durable designs and construction and also how to match your tasks and cleaning style.

A knowledgeable sales person can help you to decide which vacuum cleaner system is going to work best for you in your particular cleaning situation.

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