Canister Vacuum Bags - Vacuum Cleaner Bag Quality

Why The Quality Of Your Vacuum Cleaner's Dust Bag Matters.

The bag inside your vacuum cleaner plays an important part, and in many cases the only part of your vacuum cleaner that performs the essential filtration of dust and debris from being sent back into the air of your room while you are vacuuming.

If yours is an older or cheap vacuum cleaner then the quality of your vacuum bag is going to be very significant from the view point of reducing emissions from your vacuum cleaner.

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Bagless vacuum cleaners are fairly popular but they are not necessarily the better option when you compare with appliances that do employ vacuum bags to collect up the dust and debris.

In recent years vacuum cleaner bag technology has significantly improved and most major vacuum cleaner manufacturers are making available disposable synthetic cloth vacuum filter bags.

The materials used to make these dust bags help in retaining more allergens and dust inside the vacuum bag. And vacuum cleaner bags made out of synthetic cloth are also much less likely to break or tear. This is naturally important to the filtration abilities because a broken dust bag really messes up a canister and a lot of upright vacuum cleaners.

If you buy a better quality vacuum cleaner brands like Miele or Sebo you'll be purchasing a vacuum cleaner with several filtration layers. There'll be an internal filter plus an exhaust filter that either offers HEPA or hospital grade filtration.

The vacuum dust bag remains the primary filtration device in even the best vacuum cleaners because it helps to maximize the effectiveness of the other filter components. This is because the dust bag is going to minimize the amount of dust and debris from getting further into the vacuum cleaner.

High quality vacuum cleaner bags are available for several brands like Riccar, Miele, Windsor, Simplicity and Sebo. In case you don't already know, those brands are five of the best vacuum cleaner brands currently on the market.

The fact that those vacuum brands as well as Kirby and Kenmore are making good quality vacuum cleaner bags available for most of there models will convey to you a little of there importance.

So it is well worth your time to spend a few extra dollars or pounds on good vacuum cleaner bags. Do not overfill them and do not try to re-use them. In no time you'll notice how much cleaner the inside of your vacuum cleaner is every time you open it to change the dust bag.

Also, some vacuum cleaners, like Oreck, Kirby and Sanitaire have vacuum cleaners where the dust bags are known to break wide open inside the vacuum bag area and it won't hurt the vacuum cleaner. It will give you mess to clean up, but it won't actually harm the vacuum cleaner. It is still advisable to use high quality vacuum bags for these machines also.

Finally, always attempt to buy vacuum cleaner bags from a dealer specializing in selling vacuums and vacuum parts. That way you'll contact someone if you aren't sure what bag type is best suited to your vacuum cleaner.

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